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Modbus TCP to ARINC Bridge

Trying to connect your ARINC based system with a PLC? Can your engine test cell’s PLC control system control your ARINC FADEC? UEI has the solution.

New Rugged SIU To Meet MIL-specifications

Hot out of design verification, UEI’s new SIU is developed to match the Navy’s rigorous requirements for an existing and obsolete LRU.

UEI's COVID-19 Announcement

A message to our customers.

UEI's Certification and Guarantee to Your Application

United Electronic Industries (UEI) takes immense pride in our products being able to deployed anywhere – all countries and continents!

The Friction-Free UEI Experience

At UEI we are constantly working create a friction-free experience for our customers. We’re here to make your life easier!

How to Decrease Miles of Wires

Learn how to take your test area from miles of wires to just one cable.

Guardian Features.

UEI's Guardian Series brings system monitoring to a whole new level.

UEI's Holiday Party 2020

Every year UEI hosts its annual holiday party, a time to have fun and get to know each other better!

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